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Post  Bandit204 on Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:53 pm

General Forum Rules

1. No spamming or trolling of any kind. We set-up spam and rant forums for this reason.
-No one word posts.
-No double-posting.
-A Triple-post will be an immediate 2-day ban
2. Respect comes 2 ways. Do not demand respect or disrespect ANYONE in the forums. If you are going to make a joke, note it. New people who come may take offense to it and leave.
3. Any type of Discrimination(and Harassment) will be not tolerated. This is your one-time warning here. If you make a discriminatory post, you will be banned.
4. Refrain from using any inappropriate, pornographic, and any offensive images.
5. Refrain from using any inappropriate language. If we have censored a word, please do not try and go around the censoring.
6. Do not post in the wrong sections.
7. No Trolling, includes the following
-Not staying on topic
-Making a conversation in someone's topic
-Having a verbal fight in someone's topic(these posts will be deleted up until the fight hasn't started)

Application Forums
1. Adhere to the "General Forum Rules" displayed above.
2. I cannot stress this enough. Please follow the guidelines of the format sections, and any other Application rules that the Admins deemed necessary. If you do not follow them, your application will be sent to the declined section.
3. They are subject to change, please read accordingly.


All of the rules are applied with warning except for No. 3 in the general. We will not allow any harassment or any racial remarks. Please keep this in mind.

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