[1/25/2010] Tag Enforcement

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[1/25/2010] Tag Enforcement Empty [1/25/2010] Tag Enforcement

Post  Synodia on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:37 pm

Starting today, January 25th/ 2010, a tag system will be enforced. Below, are the tag's and what they mean.

  • This means a member of the staff (Administrator grade or higher) has accepted your application. If you put this and a member of the staff did not accept it, you will be automatically denied.

  • This means your application is pending the view of a member of the staff. When creating your application, you must include this tag in your title. eg, [Pending]Synodia's Developer Application

  • This means you are not what we are looking for as a member of our staff. We hope you enjoy our server as one of the most important of a server. Our loyal member.

Any application missing a tag, will be automatically declined.

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